Process data acquisition and analysis
Quite simple!

Simplified database storage and analysis of measurements via a webbrowser? This is possible with our software PI:

  • intuitive, easy handling
  • access everytime from everywhere
  • hardware independent = no special IT requirements
  • high speed loading and visualisation
  • ingenious, learning import function
  • safe operation with date and time
  • team work support

And that's what our costumers say:

"In order to evaluate the cleaning performance of our Shock Pulse Generators, we have to merge and analyse current process data from various power plants and from our cleaning devices. Since we use the software PI for that we could significantly decrease the effort required.."

Allocate data to datasources (plants, processes, devices etc.)

Organise data in channels

Setup date intervals, units and texts, minimum and maximum values and individual chart properties

Add 'result channels' for calculations results

Statistics are updated automatically

Import csv, txt, xls and xlsm files up to 20 MB within a few minutes or even seconds

No special table layouts are necessary

Already existing channels will be updated automatically

New channels including units and texts are created automatically during import

All trends are generated dynamical

Add channels to chart with only one mouse click

Move forward and backward or to certain dates easily

Show correlations between two channels as well as value distribution charts

Generate PNG files for your reports

Change channel date intervals either from raw and single values to regular date intervals or from given date intervals into other intervals

Calculate average values and frequencies as number of values within the given target time period

Use formulas to make simple calculations like average values, differences, ratios, sums, "KPIs" etc.

Run formulas on existing channels into 'result channels' and create new insights

Calculate the linear correlation ('R' factor) for all your channels at once

Apply time shifts to take residence periods into account

Results are shown 'Heat maps'

Train artificial neuronal networks to overcome unknown relationships or uneven measurements at certain processes

Create spreadsheet models out of these networks and use it in comprehensive calculations

Connect your spreadsheet application with PI datasource value database

Create complexe models and feed them with database values by remote control

Write back the results for further processing in PI

Benefit from generating "line-by-line" calculation scripts to make it faster by a ca. factor up to 100, machine code stable and independend from any spreadsheet application

Required for comprehensive process monitoring

Translated scripts run automatically

What makes us special compared to others? Many things!


You will keep full control of your data, no matter with or without cloud. That is what we guarantee.


We are engineers, making software. Not the other way around. That's why we know how process data management must work.


Being an independent engineering company we are bound to just two things: your needs and our standards.


We love good ideas. And we would be pleased to teach them PI.

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